Terms & Conditions

Directions Of Use Of Paid Extensions

When you buy any of 1.Partneris extensions, you buy the right to use this extension (license), which is valid for one person (legal or natural) for one Opencart installation.

  • If you or your business personally and directly owns OpenCart web site, you can share a single license for all sites that are served on multi-site installation.
  • If you provide services to another person - you need to purchase a separate license for each of your customers.

    For example, if you own a hosting or web developement business and you host or develop Opencart sites - you need to purchase licence for each of your customer's Opencart installations.

  • It is not allowed to distribute extensions in any way (e.g. resell). 1.Partneris retain all rights to these extensions.

Extension Updates

We try to update our extensions for each new OpenCart version. Paid modules owners upgrade is free of charge to all OpenCart versions that have the same first two digits. Such as the transition from 1.5.0. to 1.5.1. It is free of charge. However, if OpenCart version changes require complete rework of the extension, then 1.Partneris reserves the right to charge for the upgrade.

Technical support

We provide technical support for 1 year after day of purchase.


This is an open source software and returns are not accepted. Money for the purchase can not be returned.