Opencart Default Currency Change Extension - Coming Soon

Extension is released: Opencart Default Currency Change is urgently programming an extension, which will allow the store to replace the default currency, still keeping the prices unchanged. The extension will be ready by December 30 and and its price will be about $30.

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Starting on January the 1st, 2014, Latvian prime currency will be the euro, and online store owners will need to have the default currency in Euros as well.

OpenCart supports changing the default currency, but will not convert the prices into the new currency. So - by changing the price, price of products remain the same figure. The same applies to all other store prices - special price, prices in shipping modules, coupons and more.

Aware of this problem, will release an extension that will store the main currency exchange, preserving the previous price. The extension should be ready by Dec 30.

It should be noted that previously developed OpenCart Dual Currency Display extension supports the default currency change, but will not convert the prices into the new currency.

Planned Features Of The Extension

Simple usage

All you need is install the extension and choose the new default currency. The extension will

  • change the default currency,
  • change the currency rates for all installed currencies accordingly,
  • change all relevant Opencart price records (see the list below )

Automatic backup and restore option

Due to the fact that radical changes are made ​​to the database, extension will create a backup copy (only for tables that have been changed). If necessary, you will be able to restore the prices and currencies as they were before the default currency change.

Uninterrupted store operation

All price changes are made directly in the database and the whole process should be less than 15 seconds. After the change cache is cleaned and the store will show the new prices.

Opencart price entries that are covered:

  • product
    • product price
    • product discount
    • product special price
    • product options price
  • coupons
    • coupon prices and discounts
    • coupon history
  • gift vouchers
  • customer transaction
  • affiliate transactions
  • taxes for fixed rates
  • price entries for default extensions - shipping, payment and totals.